NAVA Restaurant Serving Thai and International Cuisine on Riverside

NAVA Restaurant Serving Thai and International Cuisine on Riverside - TRAVELINDEX - TOP25RESTAURANTS.comBangkok, Thailand, August 1, 2023 / TRAVELINDEX / Four dining venues serving Thai and international cuisine in a delightful riverside setting. NAVA at The Salil Hotel Riverside Bangkok is more than a restaurant. In fact, the name refers singly to a collection of four distinct food-and-drink outlets; NAVA Kitchen, NAVA Chef’s Table, NAVA Sala and NAVA Terrace — each offering guests an extraordinary culinary experience for any occasion day or night, indoors or out.

Menus take inspiration from Thailand’s riverine and seafaring heritage, as seen in recipes reflecting the great bounty of produce in and along the Chao Phraya and Mekong rivers as well as from Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea waters.

Indeed waterways and coastlines have long defined the Thai way of life, providing sustenance, transport and recreation in all regions of the country. That’s certainly so at The Salil Hotel Riverside – Bangkok on the banks of the majestic Chao Phraya River. The famed River of Kings is central to Bangkok living and throughout centuries has been the very pulse of the city. In Bangkok the river is life, and a healthy life it is — something fully reflected in Nava chefs’ imaginative use of local ingredients to create delicious and life-enhancing fare.

International cookery further enhances the NAVA dining experience. Venues feature a variety of Asian cuisines such as Japanese and Chinese in addition to a wide range of European culinary traditions. The latter, moreover, bears upon more than dish selection; it also emerges in innovative blends of Thai and Western preparation, presentation and serving methods as applied by talented chefs at each NAVA location.

NAVA Kitchen
All-day dining by the river featuring signature breakfast, Thai à la carte menu items and grilled specialties, with focus on traditional recipes in dishes made with seasonal and local ingredients. A fidelity to Thai culinary heritage is similarly confirmed in, for instance, the restaurant’s own custom-built charcoal grill.

NAVA Chef’s Table
Where cookery and dining combine for a bravura theatrical performance. Highlighting regular appearances by celebrity guest chefs who showcase their craft and passion before an appreciative audience. Likewise an excellent venue for private dinners and corporate events.

NAVA Chef’s Table is also venue for the hotel’s fun and informative cooking classes. It’s an excellent setting for chefs to showcase their considerable expertise and undeniable flair, while participants have chance to learn using the restaurant’s top-of-the-line cookery equipment.

To appetite-arousing food and drink, add visually alluring design inspired by famous Wat Arun just across the river. Expect wonderful afternoon teas, outstanding set menus and delightful river views. Also ideal for private gatherings.

NAVA Terrace
Charming open-air, riverfront setting as part of an intriguing hybrid of informal Thai restaurant/café and Japanese izakaya. Also great for sundowners before dinner as well as night-time lounging by the Chao Phraya. Pet-friendly too.

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