Flow Yacht Club Provides The Ultimate Platform for Hassle-Free Luxury Yachting Experience

Flow Yacht Club Provides The Ultimate Platform for Hassle-Free Luxury Yachting Experience - TRAVELINDEX - TOP25YACHTS.comBangkok, Thailand, March 30, 2023 / TRAVELINDEX / Flow Yacht Club, the premier provider of luxury fractional yacht ownership, recently launched its unique service platform that offers the ultimate luxury and adventure allowing clients to experience the thrill of yacht ownership without the full financial commitment as well as mitigating worries about maintenance costs and other expenses that go hand in hand with yacht ownership.

According to Khun Narumon Yongsakul, CEO of Flow Yacht Club “Throughout my wide-ranging experience in the luxury yachting industry and based on my discussions with clients who are yacht owners as well as potential yacht owners, I discovered three major ‘paint points’:

1) Many yacht owners are concerned about their yacht being left idle and unattended for extended periods due to time constraints
2) Worries about the hassle of constant maintenance of the yacht
3) Challenges in moving the yacht from one place to another.”

“In order to help solve these three main problems faced by many in the yachting circles, we are proud to present the Flow Yacht Platform that would provide a unique and unparalleled sailing experience with focus on quality, convenience and lifestyle thus further elevating luxury yachting in Thailand in general,” said Khun Narumon.

Flow Yacht Club’s fractional ownership model allows up to four co-owners per yacht which in turn expedites the transaction process. Such owners who automatically become members of the Club can also take advantage of privileges including regular maintenance services by Flow Yacht Club for a period of four years to ensure the client’s yacht is in excellent condition at all times.

Flow Yacht Club members also have the flexibility to book their yacht for a specific time frame or duration, giving them the freedom to sail whenever it suits their schedule. A team of experienced and certified captains are also on hand to assist with any sailing needs.

“With decades of experience in the yacht ownership business and a proven track record of providing exceptional service to our owners and clients, we are highly confident Flow Yacht Club and will elevate yachting services to the next level affording a hassle-free and seamless sailing experiences to our members. Our extensive network globally also grants us access to the most sought after yachts as well as giving opportunities for our fractional owners or members to explore new destinations,” said Khun Narumon in conclusion.

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