A Bridge Not Too Far Book Sells Out on First Day

A Bridge Not Too Far Book Sells Out on First Day - Deepak Ohri - Ohri Luxury IndexBangkok, Thailand, July 18, 2023 / TRAVELINDEX / Author’s debut work captivates readers and exceeds expectations; A Bridge Not Too Far, the highly anticipated debut book by Deepak Ohri, has achieved an extraordinary feat – it sold out within hours on its first day of book signing and launch. The resounding success has left both readers and industry experts awe-inspired.

Since its announcement, A Bridge Not Too Far had generated an immense buzz among book enthusiasts, who eagerly awaited the opportunity to immerse themselves in the author’s world. At Kinokuniya on the day of the book signing, eager readers flooded in, their excitement permeating the air. The shelves stocked with copies of A Bridge Not Too Far quickly diminished as readers clamored to secure their own piece of this book phenomenon. With an overwhelming surge in demand, it became clear that the book had struck a chord with readers, captivating their hearts and minds.

The success of A Bridge Not Too Far is a testament to the exceptional storytelling prowess of Deepak Ohri. The author weaves a tapestry of creativity, innovation and luxury transporting readers into a world of profound discovery. The universal themes explored within the book resonate deeply, forging a profound connection between the author and his audience.

The sold-out launch and book signing event not only celebrate the story-teller talent of Deepak Ohri but also the unwavering support of dedicated friends, supporters and Deepak Ohri aficionados. Their enthusiasm and passion have propelled A Bridge Not Too Far to unprecedented heights, positioning it as a breakthrough.

The success of A Bridge Not Too Far on its very first day is a remarkable achievement, one that signifies the beginning of yet another illustrious business path for Deepak Ohri.

So be ready, for the next chapter in the extraordinary journey of Deepak, and for those who were unable to secure a copy during this initial event, additional copies of A Bridge Not Too Far are available online at Amazon and Kinokuniya Thailand.

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