This wooden, century-old Thai-style Catholic church is a good testament of multireligious cohabitation in Thailand. From the outside, this church looks just like a traditional Thai teak-wood house. In fact, it is said to employ over 300 trees and 80,000 pieces of wood to support its roof. Inside of the church, however, Catholic elements; such as, stained glass, angels, altars and saints are all beautifully and theologically presented.

This church, despite being a bit off the beaten track, is a local charm where each year on Valentine’s Day will host a mass wedding. Yet another unseen destination in Thailand.

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Attractions near Yasothon

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Giant-Toad Museum
One of a kind landmark of Yasothon, this ‘Phaya Khan Khok museum is built in the shape of a giant toad – the mythical creature of the Thai Northeastern region. Inside their multi-story exhibitions include the stories of Bang Fai rockets (explained in historical, and scientific aspects) as well as extensive collections of toads as well as Yasothon’s memorabilia.

Phrathat Kong Khao Noi
Square-shaped Khmer-style stupa, Phrathat Kong Khao Noi enshrines the holy relics of Lord Buddha. Yet it is the ancient brick Buddha statue at the back that is believed to be super scared. The name of this temple was believed to come from a folklore legend that portrayed a deadly hunger rage of a son committed towards his own mother.

Phu Tham Phra
Tucked deep in the verdant lushness of tropical forest and the water sources of Yasothon’s various creeks, Phu Tham Phra consists of a large cave that houses countless numbers of Buddha images and the holy brick entrance that is called ‘Phu Ngo.’

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