The small district of Laplae in Uttaradit province is the crown of the hidden gem. Charming local life, delicious cuisine, and the much-coveted ‘Long-Lin’ Laplae delicacy durian. A perfect place to get away from it all, the tiny village of Laplae in the valley of Uttaradit is recognized for its ‘natural remedies’ and local attractions. As if things here were preserved in a time capsule, Laplae is an image of a small valley village rich with simplicity and natural surroundings. Intrinsically an eco-friendly, carbon-free destination, Laplae attracts visitors who like it easy: pedaling around on a bike and enjoy the laid-back pace. Do not miss local savoury delicacies: Khao Pan Pak, Khao Kao Kaep and Mi Pan and indulge in their abundance of farms. Laplae’s famous produce include their superlative shallot, garlic, and the much-coveted ‘Long-Lin’ durian, a wholesome charm for this under-the-radar town.

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Attractions near Uttaradit

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Wat Phra Thaen Sila At
A sacred ground where the much revered ‘Sila At’ or laterite sermon platform is enshrined, this is one of the
oldest and most beautiful temples in Uttaradit with ancient Buddha statues and interesting museum.

Phraya Phichai Dap Hak Monument
This is the province’s iconic memorial built as them memorial built in memory of Phraya Pichai – or the governor of Pichai town in Uttaradit, for his bravery, patriotism and self-sacrifice during a battle with the Burmese in 1773.

Wat Phra Brommathat Thung Yang
An ancient Lanna temple that houses the sacred bell-shaped, Ceylonese-style stupa believed to contain relics of the Lord Buddha. Also worth noting is their intricate old murals.

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