Ubon Ratchathani

The wonders of Ubon Ratchathani is provincewide. Along the Khong River that lines the borders of the province are places that make Ubon Ratchathani even more special. You might have heard of their spectacular ‘Sam Phan Bok’ or literally ‘Three Thousand Small Basins’ which scientifically means the beautiful forms of erosion of the rock river base. Sam Phan Bok will emerge during the dry months of the year; during another month though, they are all covered under the river.

If you feel Sam Phan Bok a bit too touristic, head north towards ‘Hat Chom Dao’ which is also another stunning rock bed eroded from. The area here is a bit smaller, but not less stunning. Fewer people means you will get almost the entire place to yourself. The best times to visit these two locations are either early in the morning or late afternoon just before then sundown.

But then, Ubon Ratchathani is an all-year-round destination, too. During the colder months (November -December), in the area the Dong Na Tham Fores in Pha Taem National Park, one can enjoy the colourful blankets of wildflowers. This national park has welcomed Her Majesty Queen Regent Sirikit on various occasions and she had bestowed the name of a flower field.

If you happen to be here during the dry months, be informed that the changing colour trees are also beautiful. If you are into Ubon Ratchathani’s famous sunset, the best spot to watch it is at the two very famous sandstone columns (Sao Hin Chalieng Koo) that their mysterious shapes and forms created by centuries of natural erosions made them another key attraction in the area. The nearby ‘Namtok Saeng Chan’ is dubbed ‘Namtok Long Ru’ for the fact that the falling water here passes through an open hole between the rocks. On a good day, the light above will create a moonlight illusion with the ground where the water falls into a heart-shaped pattern.

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Attractions near Ubon Ratchathani

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Wat Sirindhorn Wararam Phu Prao
With a concept portraying the mythical Himavanta Forest, Wat Sirindhorn features arrays of religious elements and architectural highlights being the illuminating Kalaprephreuk or the Wishing Tree.

Khemmarat Walking Street
Khemmarat is a small district by the side of the Mekong. This weekly walking street that features delicious local edibles along with arrays of souvenirs. Every Saturday from 16.00 Hrs. onwards.

Ubon Grand Canyon
The sleepy town of Ban Nong Lai in Ubon Ratchathani has recently been in the limelight thanks to this man-made ‘canyon’ of clay-dyke-allotted emerald-green ponds.

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