Surin has already been known as the silk superstar of Thailand. But at the small village of Ban Tha Sawang, their intricate and very exquisite Chansoma golden brocade silk has earned the province another level of reputation. Chansoma is considered very complex silk woven with utmost precision. Using only the finest and most delicate silk threads from the innermost part of the silk cocoon, Chansoma showcases the array of meticulously complex traditional Thai patterns.

This silk also requires 4-5 weavers to perform the task. This is part of the silk weaving restoration project under the royal initiative of Her Majesty Queen Regent Sirikit to bring back the long-lost traditional royal Thai silk weaving culture. The village is open for visitors who are interested in seeing for themselves the process of Chansoma silk making.

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Attractions near Surin

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Phanom Sawai Forest Park
This forest park is a religious icon for Surin, with a three-peak mountain home to various deities, Buddha images and a good array of auspicious statues. A great place to walk around and calm your mind.

Prasat Ta Muen Thom
The largest Khmer architecture within the ‘Prasat Ta Muen’ Historical Park, Prasat Ta Muen Thom is an archaeological treasure surrounded by lush forests of the Dangrek Mountains at the Thai- Cambodian border.

Ban Ta Klang
Elephant Village Known as the world’s largest elephant village, Ban Ta Klang is a place where Surin’s local tribes naturally cohabit with their elephantine friends. Also nearby is Wang Thalu viewpoint and elephant museum.

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