Suphan Buri

Tracing back into the complex state societies in the Chao Phraya basin and the breezy sub-district of U Thong in Suphan Buri appeared to have had played a significant role. The findings of ancient clay moats that made up for the natural defence of this ancient town was followed by the unearthing of evidence of old communities – Neolithic axe, beads, ceramic and metal wares. Those all proved that U Thong was once quite a prospering place.

U Thong is home of many much-revered temples. For example, Luangpho U Thong – the enshrined carved from- stone Buddha image, the century-old Wat Khao Thiam and Wat Tham Seua for sacred amulets. Also prominent for U Thong is the rich nature. This is the place to wander into Puhangnak stone garden and make a botanical stop at the U Thong Garden Centre. Or perhaps arrange yourself a homestay experience to soak in the unique culture.

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Attractions near Suphan Buri

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Pu Toei National Park
This is Suphan Buri’s lushest grounds that cover three forests and a vast area of over 202,000 rai. Camping facilities are available.

Dragon Descendants Museum
Established to celebrate Thai-Sino diplomatic relations in 1996, this museum is visible from afar thanks to their gigantic dragon statues. Inside are exhibitions of Chinese settlements in this particular part of Thailand.

Hub Kao Wong Reservoir
With pure ozone not too far from Bangkok, Hub Kao Wong offers rafting accommodation along with some unplugged water activities. Try kayaking and observing the natural lushness of Thailand’s Central Plateau.

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