Betong – the furthermost region of Thailand’s Deep South – is a municipal town of Yala. Here, the diversity of cultures and kitchens make for a unique collection of deliciousness. For example, their free-range local-breed of chicken called ‘Betong chicken’ graces many signature scrumptious menus – notably the Hainanese style Betong chicken rice. Betong’s Chinese settlement is also well-represented in other iconic dishes. For example, Khao Yok steamed pork with taro, Betong’s native watercress, and Betong noodle – the egg noodle typical to this area.

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Attractions near Yala

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Piyamit Tunnel
Winding through for about 1 kilometre in a mountain, this tunnel was built in 1976 as an air raid shelter and food storage back during the Malaya Communist insurgency. Now with an exhibition portraying that portion of Yala’s history.

Phra Mahathat Chedi Phra Phuttha Tham Prakat
This is a large and beautiful temple that features a Srivijayastyl golden chedi that enshrines relics of Lord Buddha. This temple was built to commemorate Her Majesty Queen Regent Sirikit’s 60th birthday in the early 1990s.

Bang Lang Dam
A multi-purpose hydroelectric earthen dam that impounded the Pattani River. Since its opening in 1981, this dam aside from its irrigation purposes – has become the main attraction in Yala, with rafting tours featuring beautiful Hala Bala forest scenes as a highlight.

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