Sa Kaeo

Eri silk – or Endi or Errandi – is multivoltine silk spun from domesticated Eri worms or Philosamia ricini, a type of moth that feeds mainly on castor leaves. Although Eri silk is an ancient type of silk that was widely used by many parts of Asia, especially among tribal communities in India, it is pretty new in Thailand and the fabric is still available in limited amounts.

In the small sub-district town of Wattana Nakhon in Sa Kaeo, a silk-weaving community is developing their own Eri silk products. The threads of Eri silk is strong and glossy, suitable for up-scale upholstery works. Also, Thai traditional silk weaving patterns make Eri silk produced in Thailand even more special.

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Attractions near Sa Kaeo

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Pang Sida National Park
A national park in the Sankamphaeng Range, Pang Sida is Thailand’s major wildlife sanctuary. Like the nearby Khao Yai National Park, Pang Sida constitutes a part of the Dong Phayayen Forest Complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Meaning ‘pierced’ or ‘punctured’ in Khmer, Lalu is Sa Kaeo’s own canyon – a natural phenomenon of eroded sandstones that appear as if they are piercing columns from the grounds. A ride on a local ‘E-take’ tricycle and homestay are also recommended.

Wat Tham Khao Chakan
The cave temple that takes up one of many natural caves in the limestone hill of Khao Chakan, this temple is a much-revered ground where religion meets the peaceful nature.

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