Roi Et

Art, culture, and festivals unique to Roi Et create a seamless scene for those into the richness of local life. Roi Et – a small town in the Isan region of Thailand – features many colorful scenes for those looking into the beauty of a simple and natural lifestyle. Every October when the rivers are full, locals take to their traditional long-tail boat and make a fun-filled race called “Suk Sai Nam.” There are vibrant scenes of the thunderous cheering crowds and the muscle-driven gliding boats. This is a traditional celebration of the water and people that have passed through time.

Another scene is equally thunderous. Bun Bung Fai or the famous Rocket Festival is another of Isan’s ancient culture. Every year, just before the beginning of the new rice growing season, the locals will make this blasting call for the rain deities, asking for a rich and abundant year ahead. Another must-see is the annual candle procession festival. A display of collective faith and local intricate craftsmanship.

Roi Et is also known for their ‘Saket’ handdyed and hand-woven silk that is elaborately made from five distinguished ‘matmi’ silks that are already intricate. This is Roi Et’s iconic silk that also reflects the strong unity of the locals. At Wat Pa Kong, one can observe the unique replica of ancient Java-style Borobudur chedis in multi-layers. Carved out from rocks, this chedi also enshrines relics of the Lord Buddha.

Also worth noting is the beautiful works of the surrounding walls. Thung Kula Ronghai is the area closest associated with Thailand’s rice paddies. Every year, after the harvest, farmers create free-style arts out of the abundant haystacks, forming them into gigantic figures and turning this rice field into another unique artsy spot.

Roi Et also boasts Isan’s longest street art that adorns the entire length of the west Ku Mueang Road. This stretch was a collective painting of over 50 artists from all over the country. And now it is becoming a hot check-in spot in the province.

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Attractions near Roi-Et

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Wat Pha Nam Thip Thep
Prasit Wanaram Known as the location of the Maha Chedi Chai Mongkhon, one of Thailand’s largest and most elaborate pagodas, this temple features the eclectic mixes of the Central Region’s and Isan’s religious arts and architecture.

Bueng Palan Chai
A local go-to for a lake park, this ‘bueng’ serves as both the province’s freshwater reservoir and recreational spot. Plus, the sacred city pillar and Buddha images are also located here.

Soda Cave
This is the largest waterfall cave in Roi Et. Perfect to cool down, chill out and get a good dip amidst the lush nature.


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