Once a teak trading centre of Thailand’s North, the small town of Phrae is scattered with pastel-toned historic teak wood mansions perfect for a reminiscing stroll. For Phrae, romance comes in forms of stately housing. Once a teak trading centre of the North, Phrae used to be a residence of much royalty, aristocrats, opulent merchants and landholders; hence, appropriately stately abodes for them all. These houses, through the passing of time, have become the province’s heritages worth checking out while in town.

Vongburi House
One of the most iconic houses of Phrae, Vongburi House boasts a modern form of colonial architecture.

Kum Chao Luang
The former governor’s mansion that boasts exquisite original details, jail included, of the old-day glories. A recipient of an architectural preservation award in 1993.

Nareerat School
An original teak building of the early 1900s, this can easily be the most loved school of the nation.

Ban Wong Phra Tang
Located amidst the town’s old merchant area, this house is architecturally akin to Vongburi House with fine retro details. Still a lived-in residence.

Ban Katirawara
A creamy pastel home with hand-perforated wooden eaves as its icons, this house showcases prominent Chinese carpentry of the time.

Ban Luang Sri
This is one of the most elegant all teak mansions owned by well-to-do Chinese merchants of the time.

Ban Chao Nan Chai Wong
This is another handsome mansion – painted in eggshell and red – with beautifully carved wood panels. The en-suite bathroom – the luxury of the time – is original.

Kum Wichairacha
This cream-and-green mansion was instrumental in the escape of Thai civil Nearby Attractions officers during Phrae’s 1902 insurgency.

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Attractions near Phrae

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Wat Chom Sawan
This solemn-looking all woodPagan-style temple was built during the reign of King Rama V the Great. Now a
treasure for religious architectural buffs with highlights including the ivory Buddha and scripture.

Wat Phrathat Cho Hae
Phrae’s major religious site that boasts a stunning Chiang Saen-style Phrathat (pagoda), this temple is believed to be the guardian of those born in the Year of the Tiger. The annual pagoda celebration is the province’s heritage.

Choeng Thong Waterfall
This beautiful waterfall features unique limestone and mineral deposits layers, through which the water cascades down. Also nearby are the wholesome Choeng Ngoen and Huai Man Waterfalls.

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