Surrounded by a natural limestone fortress, this laid-back sub-district of Noen Maprang in Phitsanulok is an unspoiled land of hidden caves and high peaks. Ban Mung is the name of this small subdistrict with a stunning view of limestone peaks. Forming a natural fortress protecting the village, these peaks hide so many natural wonders. Their Phra Wang Daeng Cave that inside contains a gigantic chamber spanning over 12.5 kilometers is where the rare, blind cavefish are spawned. The nearby Reur Cave boasts the magnificent, 360- million-year-old sea creature fossils. The natural abundance of the area – the Pa Ta Pon Cave Non-hunting Zone – appears in the extraordinary form of Assam macaques. Also, do not miss the perpetual patterns created by the swooping bats at sundown. This destination, small as it is, truly opens our eyes and mind.

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Attractions near Phitsanulok

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Chart Takarn Falls National Park
Locally known as ‘Pak Rong Falls,’ Chart Takarn Falls is a seven-tiered cascade, tumbling down making a big pool perfect for a refreshing dip. The nearby Pa Daeng and Pa Kradan Lek viewpoints also offer some great photo ops.

Tham Pa Ta Pon Wildlife Reserve
A gigantic limestone mountain with a good array of cavernous wonders: from the red-cliff that named the cave to the ‘Lot’ Cave thanks to their subterranean creeks and trails of parietal art.

Sunflower Field at Ban Rai Phu Tawan
With a stunning backdrop of limestone peaks, this sunflower field makes a perfect camping ground for a sunrise surprise.

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