The temple of ‘Wat Tilok Aram’ is a sacred place that has been submerged for decades. Now people convene at the newly built floating ubosot that was built on top of the sunken temple. Submerged, but not forgotten. Wat Tilok Aram is an ancient temple sunk in Kwan Payao due to the new irrigation system that diverted the watercourse that flooded the entire area of the old town decades ago. Later, the finding on the historic scripture unveiled the treasure being this century-old submerged temple, followed by the construction of now the floating island directly above the original ubosot of the temple.

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Attractions near Phayao

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Pho Khun Ngam Mueang Monument
The sacred memorial for Phayao’s great king under whom, about seven centuries ago, the state prospered and flourished. He is much-revered as being the guardian of the locals.  is here that locals and devout visitors come to pay tribute to Thailand’s one and only floating temple, in the memory of the lost city, the ancient temple and the mystery of time.

Phu Lang Ka National Park
If you like climbing and hiking, this gorgeous mountain ridge can be a perfect choice. The scenic views aside, this is a perfect destination for those into botany and even dendrology.

Phu Sang National Park
Lining the Thai-Lao border, this vast national park is rich and dense with verdant forest and wild habitat. Highlights include Phu Sang Waterfall – Thailand’s only warm waterfall.


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