Nan is known for its specialty coffees. From Geisha at Ban Maneepreuk to Bourbon and Cartier at Ban San Charoen and Arabica-Cartier at Bo Kleua District. A good cup of specialty coffee in Nan will sure make your morning evermore awesome. This is because it is likely that you will sip that coffee amidst the province’s spanning views and fresh ozone. Nan, a small Northern Thai province, is the place to enjoy locally grown specialty coffees. Many plantations also offer year-round farm-stay accommodation. Geisha beans, the one deemed to be most coveted, hence exorbitantly priced, can be found at Gem Forest Coffee Plantation (Doi Manipruek) that also features an old-school roaster and unadorned Hmong lifestyles. At Ban San Charoen, Bourbon and Cartier beans are among the highlights. Perched high at Bo Kleua district is the Arabica-Cartimor coffee plantation that – for the most part of the rainy and cooler months – is nicely covered with dreamy mist, making it an also perfect spot for camping.

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Attractions near Nan

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Doi Samer Dao
Known for its ‘sea of mist,’ Doi Samer Doi has a spacious area that curves along the ridges of the mountain. This is a part of the Sri Nan National Park with a nearby attraction being Pa Hua Singha that looks like a sleeping lion.

Doi Phu Kha National Park
Another mountaintop attraction with a sea of mist, Doi Phu Kha is Nan’s important freshwater source that runs into the Ping and Pua Rivers. Also abundant in the area is the rare Chompoo Phu Kha (Bretschneidera Sinensis) – one of the world’s rarest plants – and Thailand’s prominent giant ancient palm forest.

Salt Well at Bo Kleua
Said to be the world’s only mountain salt well, Bo Kleua is an ancient fascination that features a century-old local tradition amidst the beautiful nature.

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