Nakhon Phanom

There is a belief that if you pay homage to each and every one of the seven Phrathat temples of Nakhon Phanom, you will forever be an honourable acolyte. Phrathat Phanom for those born on Sunday. The sacred white-and-gold Phrathat at Wat Phrathat Phanom Worawihan is Nakhon Phanom’s religious staple. People come here for a perennial blessing, although the temple is designated for those born on Sunday Phrathat Renu Nakorn for those born on Monday.

The glowing pink Phrathat is meant for those born on Monday. It is believed that worshipping here will make one’s skin glow like a bright moon. Inside the main ubosot is the much-revered Lao-style meditating Phra Ong Saeng Buddha statue. Phrathat Sri Kun for those born on Tuesday. Located in Na Kae district, Phrathat Sri Kun is similar to Phrathat Phanom in the overall architecture, albeit with some minor different details. This Phrathat is believed to boost your honour and glory.

Phrathat Maha Chai for those born on Wednesday. Located in Mahachai sub-district, this sacred ground enshrines the relics of Lord Buddha. The temple is popular for prosperity and good business. Phrathat Prasit for those born on Thursday. Another of Nakhon Phanom’s religious staple, this Phrathat is known for boosting your career and professional stability.

Phrathat Tha Utain for those born on Friday. Modelled after Phrathat Phanom, this square-shaped Phrathat is believed to boost your success and affluence. Phrathat Nakhon for those born on Saturday. Located at the riverside temple of Wat Maha That, this Phrathat enshrines relics of Lord Buddha and the much revered Golden Buddha. Worshipping here is said to increase Nearby Attractions one’s fortune and virtues.

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Attractions near Nakhon Phanom

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Phu Lang Ka National Park
A great undulating highland of three continuous peaks, this national park is packed with natural wonders. A great place to explore a multitude of waterfalls and the renowned Chedi Kong Khao Si Bun Nao that looks like a giant rice heap.

Uncle Ho House
Located in Ban Na Chok, this is a replica of the simple wooden house where ‘Uncle Ho’ or Ho Chi Minh was said to sometimes stay while planning his resistance movement against France, hence a historical heritage of this area.

Former Governor’s
Residence Museum This beautiful museum features the restored 1925 mansion of ‘Juan’ or governor’s residence that features architectural and carpentry precision of being column-free with no-nail woodwork.

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