Maha Sarakham

Local wisdom and collective efforts had created a quaint landmark unique to this sub-district of Maha Sarakham.

Nong Kae Dam is the name of the local lake that was once a small creek. Later, rain after one rain storm after another, this creek expanded into a large lake and the locals, seeking for a good way to make it across this water basin, banded together to build a wooden bridge that spans over one kilometer across this lake.

The story and years of this unique bridge aside, this lake is home to a great collection of freshwater creatures, especially wild birds.

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Attractions near Maha Sarakham

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Phrathat Na Dun
One of the oldest temples in the area, this Phrathat that enshrines relics of Lord Buddha in gold, silver and bronze cases, has a long history harking back over 1,300 years. A great place for historical bugs who want to enjoy the multitude of artefacts and antiques.

Wat Pa Wang Nam Yen
Perhaps Maha Sarakham’s largest temple, but not necessarily oldest and most traditional, Wat Pa Wang Nam Yen features Buddhism in forms of all-teak mansions and elaborate elements that showcase the richness of the premises. that seem to enjoy this particularly rich natural ecology. This natural reservoir also gathers people, especially during the festive times

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