It used to be that to prove your true love, you would need to conquest the top of ‘Phu Kradueng’ in Loei. This gorgeous peak requires an over 9- kilometer upward and strenuous trek and if you and your loved one can make it, chances are your love will make it too.

Proving your true love or not, Phu Kradueng is a great place for nature lovers. This is also the place known for many exotic plants, wildlife, and so many scenic spots. Meanwhile, at ‘Phu Lom Lo’ people arrive in droves during the colder months to enjoy the pink blankets of wild Himalayan cherry (Phaya Suea Krong) trees in full bloom that turn this whole area into a pink paradise.

Camping or homestay with the locals (some with cute cabbage patches) in this middle of- nowhere destination is also a great option. Phu Ruea – the mountain peak that assimilates a boat, hence the name – is Thailand’s coolest (temperature-wise) spot. Perennial cold climes here beckon visitors for all seasons. Beautiful wildflowers, exotic plantations, and hidden natural wonders. Also popular are many beautiful waterfalls in the vicinity. Camping facilities are also available.

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Attractions near Loei

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Wat Pa Huai Lat
Another major attraction in the Phu Ruea region, this temple boasts majestic architecture, a scenic reservoir, and many religious and auspicious elements. The great naga – the symbol of fortune and greatness, for example.

Chiang Khan
A small, laid-back riverside village northernmost of Loei, Chiang Khan has an iconic small-town charm. Old wooden house rows, along with simple lifestyle and ethnic cultures are also prominent. A great place to explore on two wheels with lots of easy-paced activities.

Huai Krating
The natural reservoir with scenic water-and-sky vibes with surrounding lush bamboo forest and high peaks as the backdrops. Rafting tours and lunch are always popular.

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