For the small district of Li, the best form of wonder is their strong faith. Their entire population of over 20,000 have been keeping the faith by strictly maintaining the Five Precepts, by which they obsolutely refrain from eating meat their whole life. The reason behind this devotion came from the long-standing faith the Paganyaw people here had maintained with their Buddhism. The Ban Phra Bat Huai Tom community is a real hidden gem for those into the unadorned slow life.

Their easy and natural lifestyle aside, this community also features ‘Phra Mahathat Chedi Sri Wiang Chai’ – the glowing gold stupa which is the main sacred ground of the community. Also, must-tries are their vegan delicacies that have been holding the hearts of the locals for centuries.

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Attractions near Lamphun

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Wat Phrathat Hariphunchai
With the origin dating back to the 9th or 11th Century, this is Lamphun’s main temple with an ancient original Lanna-style stupa. Inside are myriads of artefacts and religious treasures.

Mae Ping National Park
Lamphun’s most notable backyard that covers the entire verdant mountain, this national park offers various natural attractions. From high ridges and waterfalls to a savanna field, expansive lake and a great spot to watch the sunset.

Kor Luang Waterfall
Green as a dream, this is a seven-tiered waterfall surrounded with all the natural lushness and rock formations. Nearby boasts the equally magnificent ‘Tat Sor’ Waterfall as an alternative.

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