Bueng Kan

Phu Sing Reserve Forest is part of Bueng Kan’s larger reserve tropical region that features not only lush verdant but also uniquely and miraculously formed rock formations that give the place many unusual names. The Three-Whale-Rock, looking just like a trio pod of whales sitting on top of a sandstone mountain is huge evidence of this area’s geological richness that harks back over 75 million years.

The large sand-stones that have become the namesake of the place are said to be the best spot in the province to gawk at the shades of sunrise. Also while there, look around and take it all in the green lushness amid the largest wildlife sanctuary in Thailand’s Northeast. Sandstone can be slippery when wet. Be extra careful.

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Attractions near Bueng Kan

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Phu Tham Phra Waterfall
A huge cascading waterfall tucked deep in the Pa Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary, this waterfall is only accessible via a boat ride followed by a good long hike. The best time to visit is the rainy season when the lushness fills the waterfalls.

Wat Phu Thok
Another of Bueng Kan’s amazing destinations, Wat Phu Thok is built high up the sandstone mountain and is accessible only via a strenuous hike up. The faith lies in the man-made wooden trails hung on the stone hills. A truly breathtaking experience.

Bueng Khong Long
A large reservoir south of Bueng Kan’s town, Bueng Khong Long was built under the royal initiative of the late King Bhumibol to provide the much-needed agricultural irrigation. Now a major wildlife sanctuary that sees huge fowl migration in the wintertime.

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