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Southeast Asia's Largest Sustainable Tourism Event

PHIST (Phuket Hotels for Islands Sustaining Tourism) is a sustainability forum that rallies the hotel industry and its stakeholders to discuss governance, environmental sustainability, and social impact. PHIST 2022 was attended by over 1,000 delegates across Southeast Asia. Attendees include executives, General Managers, owners of hotels, government delegates and representatives from the non-profit sector. The event would offer attendees a mix of workshops, short expert panels, and thematic discussions, covering topics including destination development, hotel sustainability governance, sustainability marketing, and global trends on sustainability. Speakers will be a mix of industry experts from both local and international organizations. The conference day will also feature an exhibition area, showcasing sustainability products and services.

People, Planet, Phuket - PHIST - Southeast Asia's Largest Sustainable Tourism Event -


Travel and tourism have grown immensely and will continue to do so. It is our responsibility to educate and not just to promote the destination. Examples of extreme environmental degradation, overcrowding, and public outcry among residents are emerging across the world as a tourism backlash. In recent years, we have seen the closure of destinations especially islands to protect the eco-system, despite the risk to tourism revenues and tens of thousands of jobs.

However, the increased awareness of travelers, business, and government together can work to scale solutions. In Phuket as well as other destinations in Thailand and the region, we now have a choice as an industry: either exacerbate the negative effects of tourism and risk losing market share, or leverage the opportunity for tourism to contribute to sustainable development, environmental protection, and collective impact for its local communities. The day will explore the challenges and opportunities for hotels to turn the negative into a positive.

People, Planet, Phuket - PHIST - Southeast Asia's Largest Sustainable Tourism Event -

PHIST Objectives:

• To create an innovative event rallying the hotel industry and its stakeholders to discuss environmental sustainability and community benefits
• To discuss topical talks, covering areas of destination development, ocean health and impacts, corporate hotel sustainability, community tourism, and global trends on sustainability and mass tourism
• To share content on the discussion for Phuket to apply best practices and opportunities
• To offer a green supplier exhibitor section by having green and alternative options to single-use plastic to our consumers
• To raise awareness and educate children in school level the concepts of reduce, reuse and recycle

People, Planet, Phuket - PHIST - Southeast Asia's Largest Sustainable Tourism Event -

PHIST and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals):

PHIST works towards to be mindful and an inclusive event. It is focusing very much on diversity and inclusiveness:
1. The theme for PHIST 2022: “Sustainability Through Future Generations”. Speakers
would have an opportunity to bring their children/youth to the event and to be on panels;
2. The event will see at least 50% women speakers and facilitators. This ensures women full and effective participation and equal opportunities for sustainability leadership;
3. The event will provide an opportunity for 6 youths across Thailand to gain a change to attend and participate. This opportunity is a fair competition and is open for all
regardless of gender or social background;
4. Angsana Laguna Phuket hotel supports and employs differently able student from Panyanukul School to provide them with equal opportunity in training and work opportunities the workforce. Angsana Laguna Phuket would be deploying 1 student to support the PHIST event. An MOU is also in place to provide the school with a fair and transparent partnership.

People, Planet, Phuket - PHIST - Southeast Asia's Largest Sustainable Tourism Event -

Sustainability is dependent on partnerships to be successful. PHIST invites and includes a wide range of stakeholders to be part of their events.
5. Speakers from different sectors (Government, Private Sector, Associations, Non –
profit and the local community) are brought onto PHIST to enhance the global partnership for sustainable development. This move will mobilize and share knowledge and expertise amongst the 1,000 attendees and support the achievement of the sustainable development goals in ASEAN, especially Thailand;
6. Green Exhibitors at PHIST have the opportunities to link with hospitality & travel providers and delegates by offering a greener alternative to their operations/products and services.
7. Sharing of information for PHIST (before, during and after) will be shared on multiple platforms. This ensures best practices, speeches for and will be open- source and share with the public.

People, Planet, Phuket - PHIST - Southeast Asia's Largest Sustainable Tourism Event -

The hotel venues selected by PHIST are sustainable partners for the event:
8. The choice of hotel for PHIST 2022 is Angsana Laguna Phuket. Angsana Laguna Phuket has a strong sustainability agenda and is in line with what PHIST stands for;
• 100% of all food served during PHIST will be sourced locally
• 100% local staffing for the event
• No food wastes
• No-Single-use plastic throughout the event. (event tag, signages are all electronic, no straw, giveaways are sustainably sourced)
• Clean Air Program: Angsana Laguna Phuket would measure the carbon emission generated as a result of the event and purchase carbon credit on behalf. This is of at no extra cost to the guests or organizers
9. Angsana Laguna Phuket as a business produces and provides quality drinking water in-house for all guests and meetings;
10. Registrations are done online through Google invitation. Therefore, it would be as a paperless event for registration;
11. Angsana Laguna Phuket adopts Food Waste Prevention Program

People, Planet, Phuket - PHIST - Southeast Asia's Largest Sustainable Tourism Event -

Contact PHIST:

Phuket Hotels Association
Ms Sumi Soorian
Executive Director, Phuket Hotels Association
Phone: +66 87 468 8588

Ms Sulaiya Ritto
Administration Manager, Phuket Hotels Association

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