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Udon Thani, the city of Mee Khit cloth and magnificent nature. Visit various attractions such as “Sam Tam Khao Reservoir”, “Ban Non Kok Community”, and pay respect to the Buddha image at “Wat Sa Manee”.

Sam Tam Khao Reservoir Project Under the Royal Initiative

Start the trip at Sam Tam Khao Reservoir, a small irrigation water source with beautiful nature and relaxing atmosphere. Even with the sweltering weather, this place is still worth a visit.

Sam Tam Khao Reservoir was built to help villagers in Huai Mak Lam village which is the driest and most rugged village. Because no groundwater in the area, only water source is a small pond at the end of the village. Villagers have to share water from this source among over 70 households, so they have no choice but to buy water for drinking and buy soil to grow vegetables by themselves.

With the help of Sam Tam Khao Reservoir Project, villagers more than 300 people had reliable water source to use because there is a water pipe system that sends water from the reservoir down to the village. Agricultural land up to 350 rai were benefited by the reservoir.

In addition to having enough drinking water, this reservoir has also become a breeding ground for freshwater fish for the villagers to make their income from fishery. A road was constructed to the village making travelling more convenient. In addition, Ban Huai Mak Lam School was built so that children can enroll to the school near their houses.

Another thing that is interesting and should not be missed is the rocky mountain path, the amazing natural wonders that everyone must experience once, which we can walk along the rocky mountain path to Ban Huai Mak Lam School.

Ban Non Kok

Next destination is Ban Non Kok’s ancient textile weaving group. Enjoy the atmosphere of the rice fields, appreciate the beauty of many types of textiles and participate in many local activities.

Red lotus juice – red lotus petal porridge

See the antique cloth storage room, try cool red lotus juice, and red lotus petal porridge.

Tie dye fabric from red lotus

Try making tie dye fabric from red lotus. Every part of a red lotus can be used to make natural dye. Gold dye comes from red lotus flower, silver dyr comes from red lotus stem and dark pink dye comes from red lotus petals.

Rice cracker pounding

Try an ancient way of rice cracker pounding. To make rice cracker, mix glutinous rice with Yayen herb so that the mixture will not stick to a mortar, form the mixture into a round ball, make it into sheet, dry it and cook it with fire.

Squeeze Khao Phun

Try making Khao Phun in an old style by using old style tools.

After that, join Baisi Sukwan ceremony and have dinner. The dinner are made of healthy menu using local vegetables and mushrooms grown from the village. Enjoy with a variety of menus such as Ban Non Kok chili paste, steamed fish, Ban Non Kok boiled eggs in sweet sauce and more.

Wat Sa Manee

End the trip to Udon by paying homage to the Buddha image, making a wish and enhancing good fortune at “Wat Sa Manee”, a beautiful and sacred temple.

Phra Ubosot

Upon entering the temple, you will find the uniqueness of the large and spectacular temple with 4 naga images at the stairway. Inside the Ubosot enshrines Phra Phuttha Phibun Thanaphirom, the sacred Buddha image respected by many people.

Sakaeo Manichot

A sacred pool that has existed since ancient time. On propitious day, the light of Kaew Manichot will rise from the pond emitting a beautiful light. It is believed to have nagas guarding this pond.

Hor Pu Kot

The villagers respect Hor Pu Kot being very sacred. Any wish will be fulfilled, but only 1 wish only 1 at a time.

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